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About Pop Stops

This site compiles the contents of my newspaper music review column, "Pop Stops," on a weekly basis. You'll note that the review dates will always be about a week or so behind since I run the columns in print before uploading them. I also am posting the text of the artist interviews I write for various publications. I started writing "Pop Stops" 14 years ago for The Star Newspapers, a suburban Chicago chain of papers. I was a general assignment reporter at the time, fresh out of the University of Illinois. I've managed to go through a lot of different writing jobs since then, but I've always remained an active music critic.

These days, in addition to my "Pop Stops" column that runs every week in The Star, I write a "Bug Music" column for sci-fi magazine Talebones, and a couple years ago, I wrote a "NightSongs" music column for horror magazine Wetbones. From 1989-2002, I also wrote interviews and reviews for the Illinois Entertainer magazine, where I worked as the Associate Editor from 1989-1993.

In addition to writing about music, I also have published several dozen horror and fantasy short stories over the past decade in magazines and anthologies. For information about my fiction works, check out

Other Music Writing Credits

In the early '90s, I was a Contributing Editor to the national Metal Revolution magazine. I've also written music reviews and interviews for magazines like Play (out of Tennessee), Thrust (Florida), High Fidelity (national, now part of Stereo Review), and The Cincinnati Entertainer. Once upon a time I also served as the editor for a little Chicago area hard rock magazine called CAMM (a spin-off of Illinois Entertainer magazine).

Since newspaper — and even magazine reviews — have a pretty limited shelf life, I thought I'd offer my CD reviews and artist interviews online to a new audience of music lovers. So bookmark this page and stop by often to check out what's new!


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