Ben FoldsFans of Ben Folds can now get Supersunnyspeedgraphic, the LP from Epic Records. The disc is a compilation pulled from three EPs that Folds recorded over the past couple years and released via the Internet for digital download or on CD via mail order. In typical Folds humor in the liner notes for the disc, he says that he wanted to see the songs released on a proper album, although the success of the EPs on the Internet certainly caused him to “feel more confident” in his manhood: “I got to tell people that my new internet release took up five spots in the top six Billboard (internet, cough) charts, but for that damn Beyonce who broke it up coming in at #3 (I'm sure this was the zenith of her career).” The 12-song compilation opens with a rousing piano-pounding cover of The Cure's “In Between Days,” and also includes a completely left field (and parental-discretion-advised) ballad version of Dr. Dre's misogynistic rap song “Bitches Ain't S***.” It also includes “Bruised,” a song from an EP Folds recorded in 2003 as The Bens with Ben Kweller and Ben Lee.

If you're jonesing for a blast from the past, Legacy offers a reissued collection from Boz Scaggs, simply titled The Hits. Originally released as a 10-song album in 1980, the disc has been expanded to 15 tracks. It includes his core ‘70s singles “Breakdown Dead Ahead,” “We're All Alone,” “Lowdown” and “Lido Shuffle” among others.

Rhino continues to mine the Jerry Garcia vaults and has now issued a two-disc The Very Best of Jerry Garcia collection. One disc includes the studio recordings “Surgaree,” “Cats Under the Stars,” “Run For the Roses,” and “Knockin' on Heaven's Door.” The other disc offers live recordings of songs like “Ripple,” “Dear Prudence,” “Deal” and more.


Sweet Mistake

Adrianne is the kind of “coffeehouse” singer-songwriter who has the talent to play in stadiums. While much of her music is arranged quietly, with acoustic guitars and understated drums, she sells each one with the subtle beauty of her just-enough-rasp-to-sound-vulnerable vocals. She makes every song a memorable reminder that songs can have soul without being R&B.

Adrianne's been compared to Paula Cole and Emm Gryner, but for me it was the sweet lilt of Tasmin Archer and Michal that came to mind when I first heard this Los Angeles native's new CD, Sweet Mistake.

The disc opens with the light guitar strums of “Disarray” where she shows off her falsetto and Indigo Girls-esque harmonies. In “Shooting Star” she orchestrates a perfect hit of rootsy pop with soaring harmonies and rockin' drums and guitars as she celebrates a love:

“Maybe you're my shooting star
Blindly falling through the dark
Burning a hole in my sky so fierce, so bright
Maybe it's all I need, so baby come shoot through me
Wishes won't survive on you tonight.”

The CD gets to its most movingly personal moments in the piano hymn “Symmetry” as she croons:

“Nobody frees me like you do
nobody sees and sees right through
the last and the first the best and the worst in me
like symmetry.”

Later, she offers another radio ready pop song in the chimey, catchy “Shout It Out” which has as much hook and harmony as Michelle Tumes' infectious “Do Ya.”

Towards the end of the disc, Adrianne offers a slowly strummed version of the Violent Femmes “Blister in the Sun,” which makes for a strangely amusing ballad entry amid Adrianne's dozen original songs. She ends the album with a quiet bit of acoustic guitar melancholy in “Crash.”

Sweet Mistake is a strong collection of songs that will both move the heart and the feet…sometimes at the same time. To buy or hear tracks from the CD, visit

Adrianne who will be performing tonight, November 9th at the Speakeasy Supperclub at 1401 W. Devon Ave. in Chicago. For more information, check her site at