Fans of Gwen Stefani should check out the new Pharrell CD In My Mind from Interscope Records. The disc finds the No Doubt frontwoman duetting sexily with hip hopper Pharrell on the teasing first song, "Can I Have It Like That." The disc also includes tracks featuring Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Nelly and Kanye West.

JourneyOn the reissue front, Columbia's Legacy arm has reissued five classic Journey albums, some with bonus tracks. Starting with 1978's classic Infinity album (which featured a near-perfect album side with "Lights," "Feeling That Way," Anytime," "Patiently" and Wheel in the Sky"), the series also offers 1979's Evolution (featuring "Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'," "City of the Angels" and "Just the Same Way"), 1980's Departure (with "Any Way You Want It" and two bonus tracks), and 1981's smash hit album Escape (with “Still They Ride,” “Stone in Love,” “Who's Crying Now,” “Don't Stop Belivin',” and “Open Arms.” The Escape reissue includes bonus cuts of the latter three hits recorded live in 1981. The final Journey resissue is of its 1988 Greatest Hits package, which now comes with a bonus addition of its 1996 reunion hit "When You Love a Woman."

After a massive effort to restore the Johnny Cash catalog, the Legacy label has now turned its sights on Cash contemporary Roy Orbison. To launch the Orbison restoration project, which will cover the entire catalog of the amazing Texas singer, the label has reissued and remastered his first three albums. The crooner's 1960 debut Lonely and Blue, 1962 classic Crying and 1963 smash In Dreams, are all now available on CD, each with four period bonus tracks. These albums include the classic Orbison hits “In Dreams,” “Pretty Paper,” “Beautiful Dreamer,” “Blue Bayou,” “Crying,” “Lana,” “Running Scared,” “Only the Lonely,” “Blue Angel” and “I'm Hurtin'.”


Open Season: Remixes and Collabs

Canadian singer-songwriter Leslie Feist (who bills herself simply as Feist ) broke out in a big way in 2004 with “Let It Die,” a torchy sleeper hit album of restrained yet tantalizing melodies.

But lest you think she's just another folksy singer, think again. Feist may sing seductively, but the singer has a rock ‘n' roll heart, and has performed with alt-rock provocateur (and roommate) Peaches, as well as The Tragically Hip among others and claims as one of her first gigs an opening slot for The Ramones. She played Chicago's Lollapalooza last weekend.

Let It Die's “Mushaboom” single caught on with its quirky rhythm and enticing “oh-oh-oh-oh” chorus and raised her to name recognition in some quarters. Now, to keep her new fans happy while she works up another studio album, she offers Open Season: Remixes and Collabs.

The disc offers four different mixes of “Mushaboom” by k-Os, Postal Service and others, each with a different rhythm track supporting her angelic vocal.

Also included is an evocative acoustic guitar rendition of the Bee Gees' “Inside+Out” (recorded for BBC radio), a cover of a Peaches song, a dreamy science fiction-esque outtake from the last album called “Snow Lion,” and a couple other remixes from “Let it Die.”

Open Season is a must-have for fans and a good introduction to the varied soundscapes of this intriquing artist for newcomers.