Catch and ReleaseThe soundtrack from the movie Catch and Release collects some strumming, campfire worthy material from the likes of Foo Fighters, Paul Westerberg and Death Cab for Cutie (none of whom are particular known for their “lighter” touches on the guitar. Also included are songs from Doves, Lemonheads, Gary Jules and more.

The soundtrack to comedian Dane Cook's Tourgasm offers a Black Sabbath-worthy track from last year's break-out hardrock band Wolfmother, as well as rockin' tracks from a series of unsigned bands including Truepenny, My Rich Friends, Ride the Blinds, Jealousy Curve and more. Unfortunately, each track has a spoken-work clip from the HBO series preceding it, but if you like the bands, you could program your CD player to skip all the dialogue tracks.

Rhino Records offers a new (old) live album from Grateful Dead, and another collection from Echo & The Bunnymen.

The Dead disc tells a lot about the moments it captures in its title: Live at the Cow Palace, New Year's Eve, 1976. This is a three-disc set featuring many of the band's classic songs, from “Playing in the Band,” “Bertha,” Sugar Magnolia,” “Samson & Delilah,” and “Scarlet Begonias” to “One More Saturday Night” and “Uncle John's Band.”

The Very Best of Echo & The Bunnymen: More Songs to Learn and Sing offers an update of the band's 1985 hits collection, essentially doubling its length to a 20-song CD with key tracks like “The Killing Moon,” “Lips Like Sugar” and “Bring On The Dancing Horses.” The set also includes a DVD of the videos for those songs and a handful more.


Rock Star Supernova Rock Star Supernova
Rock Star Supernova

The first season of reality show “Rock Star” brought INXS back to life and the charts, and in season two, Guns ‘n' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke, Metallica bassist Jason Newsted and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee tried to use the show as the launchpad for a new supergroup.

The result was the hiring of glam-rock vocalist Lukas Rossi, and the recording of the CD Rock Star Supernova, a solid power-pop T-Rex-meets-Enuff Z'Nuff-meets-Marvelous 3 disc. Released late last year in anticipation of their 2007 tour, the disc will probably not please fans of any of the bands from which the “big stars” hail. While Rock Star Supernova has some of the glam rock sheen of G ‘n' R and the Crue, they have none of the metal of Metallica or the other springboard bands.

This is not a CD that pays homage to its members' past power-trips, but rather a slickly produced power-pop album; it makes for a fun, party rock listen. The CD was produced by Marvelous 3's leader Butch Walker (who also put out a solo powerpop disc last year), and his production stamp and songwriting are all over this disc – in many ways, this sounds more like a Walker CD than the product of a new hard rock supergroup. But that's not bad if you love power-pop, because Walker is an ace. The songs here are punchy, crunchy and three-chord chimey.

The best of the bunch is “It's All Love,” which could have stemmed from the hard rock Beatlesque pen of Chicago's undersung Enuff Z'Nuff. A close second comes in the T-Rex ripoff “Leave the Lights On” which begs for a big stadium light show with the “Bang a Gong” drum and guitar bits and barrelhouse pounding piano.

“Make No Mistake…This Is The Take,” sets the thunderous sticks of Lee free on a drum-pounding, handclapping, bass-strutting hard rock anthem. “Headspin” listens like fuzz-rock filler, but then the band launch back into another Enuff Z'Nuff-esque track in “Valentine,” pound out a punky-metal rocker in “Social Disgrace” and close it all with one of the disc's best tracks “The Dead Parade,” which pairs strings, psychedelic glam-rock, a touch of the East (a la Zeppelin's “Kashmir”) and a soulful harmonic chorus.

You can catch the band live at the Rosemont Theatre on February 3. Newsted, however, was injured last fall in an accident that may leave him sidelined for up to nine months and former Black Crowes member Johnny Colt is currently filling in on tour.